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About ... Our Tiles

Our vitreous glass mosaic tiles are frost proof and colourfast. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

They are suitable for use on walls (we do not recommend their use on floors) with their small size makes them ideally suited to tiling curved surfaces - something very difficult to do with larger tiles or faux mosaic tiles (tiles that look as if they are made of smaller mosaic tiles.

Most of our glass tiles are 20mm by 20mm square and are 4mm deep. We also have Mini Craft mosaics which are 10mm by 10mm square and 4mm deep. The edges of each vitreous tile are bevelled and the backs are ridged to increase the area of the tile in contact with the adhesive. The Clear4 tiles have vertical sides and a smooth back.

If required the tiles can be cut using glass mosaic nippers or cutters.

Our 2cm tiles are supplied on sheets with 225 tiles per sheet. The tiles on each sheet are in a 15 by 15 matrix. The 1cm tiles are supplied on sheets with 841 tiles per sheet. Sheets can be easily cut using a knife or scissors.

Our single colour vitreous 2cm tiles are available on both mesh and paper, with our Craft Mixes being particularly popular. All 1cm tiles are available only on paper.

All other tiles and mixes (with the exception of Seascape) are supplied on a plastic mesh backing.

We sell our tiles by the box and by the sheet. Our boxes of tiles have 10 sheets per box with a total area coverage of 1.07 square metres. The Craft Mini tiles and the paper-bonded 2cm vitreous tiles are available only as Craft Mix boxes or single sheets.

Our tiles are widely used in kitchens, bathrooms, wetrooms, swimming pools, spas and for mosaic art. They are ideal for splashbacks and for shower walls. They are regularly used by schools and community groups.
About ... Our Company

We started supplying our Azurra glass mosaic tiles in the UK in 1999.

Our tiles have been bought by individuals for use in their bathrooms, showers and kitchens, by professional bathroom and swimming pool installers, by architects as part of their commissions, by amateur mosaics enthusiasts and by professional mosaic artists for their work.

We also supply many schools and colleges and are happy to give a 10% discount on the cost of our tiles to them. BAMM members also qualify for a 10% discount on the cost of all tiles. Please contact us for details.

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